Credit Where It’s Due.

Isn’t it lovely, when people tell you they think you’re doing a good job?  It makes my tummy all warm and fizzy (but in a good way).  mushroomsup over at Funny For Nothing nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award (cue cheers and confetti) for which I’m so very grateful.  Also, she thinks I can be humorous, which is high praise, coming from her.

I’m passing this award on to the following fifteen other blogs, because, let’s face it — everyone likes to have their little piece of the internet recognised, and also, I only follow blogs I really like, so I have a rich list from which to choose (which, of course, makes it quite hard to choose).  I urge you to check out the following excellent people:

Food (Policy) for Thought:  An interesting and thought-provoking blog about food, the food industry.

Running With Buddha:  Since my journey with breastfeeding is almost over, I’m gearing up to start running again, with the goal of a marathon in a couple of years.  This blog inspires me.

My Writing Meta:  This way in which this woman dedicates herself to writing puts me to shame.  Always something interesting to read.

Stuphblog: promotes itself as the first unshitty blog on the internet, and I think I have to agree.  Variety, humour, and very good writing.

The Waiting: is not the hardest part, apparently!  But the journey is so very entertaining.

purelysubjective:  An artist who blogs about her work, and is always asking questions which keep me thinking for days.

A Place That Does Not Exist:  I love reading and learning about this writer’s process, as she discovers it herself.

Heed Not Steve:  This blogger is both a talented writer, and funny.  I just love his poetry.

Shawndra Miller:  writes about the growing grassroots movements tackling important issues of food security, climate change and economic instability.  I always learn something from her posts.

Creative Liar: Where the blogger shares writing, or her thoughts about writing, and is always amusing.

Today’s Author:  A group of talented writers, sharing thoughts, tips, and encouraging creativity from their readers and each other.

Jerry Colby-Williams:  A gardener who lives in the Queensland city of Brisbane, and who blogs about his amazing garden and sustainability.

Storyshucker:  I recently discovered this blog and love the humour and nostalgia in the posts.  A true storyteller… uh… shucker.

the world in words: If you are at all interested in words or language(s), this is absolutely the blog for you.

My Not So Humble Opinion:  This is a blogger who is unafraid to tell you what he really thinks.  But the great thing is, it also gets me to question what I really think, too.



And apparently you need to know seven interesting facts about me.

– I can speak German.

– I like sheep, and chickens, and I won’t hear it when people tell me they’re stupid.

– I’ve tried to communicate telepathically with my dog, but so far, it’s not worked.  I’ll keep you posted.

– I really like tea.  I mean, I really, really like it.  It’s somewhere between an obsession and a hobby.

– My favourite vegetable is the potato.

– My favourite cake is black forest torte.

– When I was ten, I wrote letters to President Reagan and President Gorbachev to ask them to please not begin a war with each other.  I got a postcard back from the White House, thanking me for my letter and assuring me that they were always looking for peaceful solutions to conflicts.  I was pretty chuffed.