It’s Not Goodbye.

I’ve been neglecting path: ethic. More to the point, I’ve been avoiding it.

It’s not that I have nothing to say. I always have things to say!

But it’s just finding the time to sit down and write it, and write it well. And I’m definitely a proponent of finding the time to write. So when I say, ‘I don’t have the time to write for path: ethic,’ what I’m really saying is that I don’t want to make the time to write it.

That sounds quite rude, especially to those of you who read, so let me explain myself further.

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A Thank You Letter to Authors of Outstanding Children’s Books.

Dear Authors of Outstanding Children’s Books,

I’ve read a lot in my life. I remember (or remember being told) that I came home the first day of Year One and was disgusted because it was just like preschool. ‘We didn’t even learn to read!‘ five-year-old me exclaimed.

But once I did learn to read, I was hooked. I devoured the home reading books from school. I read all the books in the bookshelf, whether or not they belonged to me (except Trixie Beldon. Never really got into them) and asked for more for birthday and Christmas. At high school, I would read our English class novel within the first week and then beg friends in other classes to lend me theirs. I remember my mother throwing up her arms in frustration at sixteen-year-old me, when, on the morning I was due to travel overseas for six weeks, I was sat at the kitchen table trying to finish Tandia so that I didn’t have to take it on the plane (I only had 30 pages or so, and I wanted to be able to leave it behind so that I could take another book. Space was at a premium in those pre-Kindle days).

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More Than You’ll Ever Know.

This is not my regular kind of post. I am currently writing something about politics, but I thought this needed to be said, first.

I checked my stats today. I’ve been checking them a lot this weekend (well, more than usual!) because I’ve been waiting for a milestone, and this afternoon, I hit it.

path: ethic now has 1000 followers.


You guys have no idea what this means to me. I just went through and found that people from 79 countries around the world have visited this blog. How amazing is THAT? People from Jamaica to Portugal to Sweden to Nepal, from Brazil to Poland to France to Ecuador, from Singapore to the USA to the UK, have all dropped by to see what I was writing.

That seriously blows my mind. That 1000 of those visitors thought it was worthwhile clicking ‘follow’.

When I started this blog, I wanted a place where I could do some more structured writing, where I could work through some opinions and hopefully engage others in thinking about current affairs or philosophical issues. My day-to-day life is very much needs-only; I’m a parent of four young children, the oldest of whom is six-and-a-half, and they… need a lot. They need me to feed them (several times a day, apparently), clothe them, bathe them, and most of all, listen to them. In turn, they listen to me, as I tell them about exoskeletons (we found one from a stick insect today; very cool) and rainbows, and why we don’t stand on the backs of chairs to reach the Weetbix on the top shelf. But right now, they’re not really up to discussions of the depth I crave. And while the Handsome Sidekick is wonderfully patient, sometimes one needs a wider audience.

That’s where you guys come in. This blog has helped me to keep my sanity. It can sometimes seem like a drag to try and get one post out every week–and sometimes, I don’t even manage that–but it keeps me going.

And so do you. Thank you, each one of you, for visiting, following, liking, commenting. It means such a great deal to me.

I know, I know. I’m overly sentimental when you let me loose. So I’ll just end by letting you know that over the next ten days or so, I’m going to be possibly a little more remiss than usual at responding to comments, since the Handsome Sidekick and I are moving to another city, along with the children and our dog, chicken, and three cats. I’ll be without internet for at least a weekend (please keep me in your thoughts as I struggle with that!) and then busy with settling First and Second Offspring into new school and kindergarten, and Third and Fourth into daycare. Oh, and unpacking. (Ugh)

But I’ll be back! And I very much look forward to continuing the journey with you all.


Credit Where It’s Due.

Isn’t it lovely, when people tell you they think you’re doing a good job?  It makes my tummy all warm and fizzy (but in a good way).  mushroomsup over at Funny For Nothing nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award (cue cheers and confetti) for which I’m so very grateful.  Also, she thinks I can be humorous, which is high praise, coming from her.

I’m passing this award on to the following fifteen other blogs, because, let’s face it — everyone likes to have their little piece of the internet recognised, and also, I only follow blogs I really like, so I have a rich list from which to choose (which, of course, makes it quite hard to choose).  I urge you to check out the following excellent people:

Food (Policy) for Thought:  An interesting and thought-provoking blog about food, the food industry.

Running With Buddha:  Since my journey with breastfeeding is almost over, I’m gearing up to start running again, with the goal of a marathon in a couple of years.  This blog inspires me.

My Writing Meta:  This way in which this woman dedicates herself to writing puts me to shame.  Always something interesting to read.

Stuphblog: promotes itself as the first unshitty blog on the internet, and I think I have to agree.  Variety, humour, and very good writing.

The Waiting: is not the hardest part, apparently!  But the journey is so very entertaining.

purelysubjective:  An artist who blogs about her work, and is always asking questions which keep me thinking for days.

A Place That Does Not Exist:  I love reading and learning about this writer’s process, as she discovers it herself.

Heed Not Steve:  This blogger is both a talented writer, and funny.  I just love his poetry.

Shawndra Miller:  writes about the growing grassroots movements tackling important issues of food security, climate change and economic instability.  I always learn something from her posts.

Creative Liar: Where the blogger shares writing, or her thoughts about writing, and is always amusing.

Today’s Author:  A group of talented writers, sharing thoughts, tips, and encouraging creativity from their readers and each other.

Jerry Colby-Williams:  A gardener who lives in the Queensland city of Brisbane, and who blogs about his amazing garden and sustainability.

Storyshucker:  I recently discovered this blog and love the humour and nostalgia in the posts.  A true storyteller… uh… shucker.

the world in words: If you are at all interested in words or language(s), this is absolutely the blog for you.

My Not So Humble Opinion:  This is a blogger who is unafraid to tell you what he really thinks.  But the great thing is, it also gets me to question what I really think, too.



And apparently you need to know seven interesting facts about me.

– I can speak German.

– I like sheep, and chickens, and I won’t hear it when people tell me they’re stupid.

– I’ve tried to communicate telepathically with my dog, but so far, it’s not worked.  I’ll keep you posted.

– I really like tea.  I mean, I really, really like it.  It’s somewhere between an obsession and a hobby.

– My favourite vegetable is the potato.

– My favourite cake is black forest torte.

– When I was ten, I wrote letters to President Reagan and President Gorbachev to ask them to please not begin a war with each other.  I got a postcard back from the White House, thanking me for my letter and assuring me that they were always looking for peaceful solutions to conflicts.  I was pretty chuffed.