Cooking Long Distance.

Last weekend, I was wracking my brain to think of something interesting for my Offspring to have for tea, which didn’t require a lot of work on my part and which used only the ingredients I had in the house. Aha, I thought after a while, I will make mini quiches!

But I didn’t want to use puff pastry, and I didn’t have any shortcrust in the freezer, so I needed to make the pastry myself. And although I have several (hundred?!) recipe books, I couldn’t decide which would be the best to use. So I rang my mum to ask which she used.

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Not All Mothers.

It’s Mother’s Day this week, which means that for the past month, we’ve been getting flyers and advertising material in our letterbox, as well as shopfront displays, telling us that we need to spoil out mothers, and showing us just what we need to buy for them, to do the spoiling.

I have mixed feelings about Mother’s Day. Of course, presents are lovely, and I’m all for encouraging my children to consider all the many tasks their mother does for them. Mother’s Day could be one means of not taking that parent for granted.

What amuses me most about the ads is just what mothers are supposed to want. I know, most of this is for the sake of the businesses who are selling the goods and services. It’s an sales opportunity. But all the same, if you look through any of the catalogues, it’s clear what we would like:

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