Far From Home.

I went for a run today, and I ended up running further than I had planned. I had set the time on my phone and I had a feeling when I was about halfway through, that I was going to end my run much further from home than I had expected. The trouble was that I knew that I’d be tired and I wouldn’t be able to run all the way home–which was quite a way. But there wasn’t a choice, of course. How else was I going to get home?! I’d run as far as I could, and then I’d walk.

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Creatures of Habit.

Yesterday, I took Molly out for our regular run, but instead of heading west down the hill when we left home, I led her in the opposite direction, which takes us up a slight incline, and then in and out of a few streets before we reach the bottom of a long slope (at which point I remember that I will have to run back up it to get home and think, why did I go this way again?). We were nearly at the bottom of the long slope when Molly began to pull at the lead.

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