So You go Back in Time to Kill Baby Hitler. Now What?

Recently, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was asked if, given the opportunity, he would travel back in time to kill Hitler as a baby. He answered that of course he would, although he admitted that he didn’t know if or how that would change the course of World War II and history.

The whole time-travel-to-kill-Hitler concept has become a bit of an internet meme, and because of this, seems to have a sense of the absurd about it. It’s as if you can’t say that you would do anything else, with the gift of time travel, without mentioning that first.

This has a couple of major problems, and it bothers me that people treat it with such disregard. Of course, I’m also aware of the absurdity of writing a blog post about the issues of time travel, but it highlights a number of greater concerns.

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The Customary Campaign.

For most of you who live in the northern hemisphere, summer comes and goes too quickly and the long winter is formidable and exhausting. By the time spring rolls around, you’re well and truly ready for the green. Here, as we slip into autumn, it’s also a relief from the harsh summer, where everything takes a break, welcomes the rain, and settles in to replenish itself with the cooler weather.

To this end, I spent some time yesterday, pulling up some of the less successful pumpkin plants, and inviting the chickens into the garden (it’s usually Out Of Bounds) to eat slaters and loosen the soil. Today I’ll sow some winter vegetable seeds. New seasons bring such anticipation.

First, though, I have to honour my promise to make playdough, so I’ll leave you the links and be on my way!

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