What They See.

Some months ago, I went to a Mother’s Day morning tea at Second Offspring’s school. When we arrived, we were ushered into the classroom where the children sat in a line, barely containing their excitement at seeing their mothers and grandmothers in their classroom!

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Stand Tall, Walk Tall.

Did you know that lower back pain is now such a significant issue for so many, that the Medical Journal of Australia has considered whether it should be added to the list of National Priority Health Areas in this country? Apparently, up to 80% of Australians will suffer from lower back pain in their lifetime, and for a few of them, it causes considerable disability. Even for those whose pain only lasts a short while, it can be considerably debilitating, and costs millions to the community in lost production.

Not to mention, you know, the pain.


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Ideology and the Everyday.

I can’t quite remember the reason why Second Offspring and I were discussing inventions the other day, but it had to do with something she wanted which didn’t exist. I suggested to her that if there wasn’t such a thing, then she should be the one to invent it.

‘But I can’t do that!’ she exclaimed. ‘I’m a girl!’

You can imagine, I’m sure, what ran through my mind. How could I, a committed feminist, a strong advocate for human rights and social justice and equality of all kinds, have failed my daughter so completely? How could it be, that my second-born child feels like her sex is a barrier to anything? WHERE DID I GO WRONG?!

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