The Week Links: in which our blogger’s Offspring returns from a sleepover.

First Offspring went for a sleepover last night. I dropped him off in the afternoon and went to get him this morning. He was fine about it, not homesick as far as I can tell, but his siblings were quite lost without him! It was very sweet how they all crowded around when I brought him home, telling him that they missed him. Aww!

Today promised to be sunny but I think it’s going to go back on that. So I’ll go ahead and do some cleaning instead of some gardening (what a terrible trade-off THAT is) while you go ahead and enjoy this week’s links!

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Goodes Show.

Earlier this week, 2014 Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes, spoke to BBC’s Hardtalk programme*, and spent some time talking about the issue of racism in Australia. Goodes is an Australian Rules footballer who has played for several years and is undeniably an excellent player. However, perhaps the most famous incident of his career came at a football match where he was racially abused by a thirteen year old girl in the crowd. 

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