The Week Links: Summer Edition.

Yes, I’ve been a little remiss with the links lately. Who knew summer holidays, swimming lessons, stationery shopping and work (plus the usual busy-ness) would keep me run off my feet these last several weeks? Well, everyone, probably, but it still always comes as a surprise to me that there are not enough hours in the day.

We’re expecting a warm day today–not as warm as Perth, but still summery–and I hope to be able to pick the last of the boysenberries and pretend to get organised for another school week (but no doubt I’ll end up working and/or reading a book and patting the cat. Possibly taking the dog for a walk. Maybe eating some cake…)

Enjoy the links!

This is something which is close to my heart, because I certainly feel that nature is an integral part of my life and makes a huge positive impact on my mental health. However, it seems that it’s often not enough for people to ‘feel better’ when they have contact with nature; we need research into this, so that we can convince city planners, and those making decisions about development, of the importance of the role of nature in our lives.

* * * * *

Not that I believe that predictions about anything are worth placing bets on, but I did find this article interesting, if only because it made me wonder what my own predictions would be for the way the world will change within the next five to ten years. A lot of the time when I think about the future, it’s with a focus on my own personal life, and that of my family. In ten years, we’ll have four teenagers living in the house. What will the world around us be like? Will these global shifts have much daily impact on our lives at all?

* * * * *

In light of the recent deaths of some well known figures, it seems that mortality is on the minds of many, including those artists who are in their later years. Juliet Marillier writes about what she feels she wants to still achieve as a writer, and what she wants her legacy to have been. Even though I’d certainly like to hope that I’ve a good few decades left in me yet, I’ve also found that in the last couple of years, my thoughts dwell on what is important to me, and where I want to focus my energy, in order to live my best life.

* * * * *

Finally, when the time does come, what kind of legacy will your body leave? Up until now, there’s been a choice of burial or cremation, both of which have a fairly negative impact on the environment (depending on how you choose to be buried). But this idea of having one’s body decomposed by fungi is both innovative and interesting. I’m hoping not to need to look into this for a while, but it compares favourably, both in terms of cost and eco-friendliness.



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