For Those Who’ve Come Across the Seas, We’ve Boundless Plains to Share…. HA HA! KIDDING!

As I’ve followed the news feeds about the refugees trying to get through to Europe and countries who will welcome them, I was reminded of this post and our government’s continued–if not worsening–failure to adequately and humanely assist refugees who seek asylum here.

It’s not only sad to read some of what went on over a year ago… it’s tragic that things have not improved. If anything, they’re worse. I can only hope that perhaps the tide of public opinion is turning, given the harrowing images we’ve seen in recent days, and the outpouring of grief and sadness from the Australian people in response.

path: ethic.

When I was an undergraduate teaching student, I had an incredible lecturer for my Society and Environment unit. (Society and Environment is what we used to call ‘Social Studies’). She was passionate and interested, and someone I felt I could have sat and chatted with for hours. I went by to see her one afternoon after class and she was telling me about a teaching aid she’d developed, and gave me a copy.

I got home and put the DVD into my computer.

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