The Week Links: in which our blogger attends two birthday parties in one weekend.

Not that I was really invited to either, of course. Third Offspring received an invitation to a party on Saturday and another on Sunday, and I got to go along for the ride since she’s only four. In addition, I took First Offspring to a soccer game only to find out that it had been cancelled. That was inconvenient on two fronts. Firstly, because I had an 8pm deadline for a transcript I was working on, and could have done with not having to take an extra hour from my workday. And secondly, because First Offspring also insisted that it was our turn to bring oranges. Lucky there are a few of us and that we like oranges, I suppose!

Hope your week is full of oranges! Enjoy the links.

When I was pregnant with Fourth Offspring, we were happy to discover that we were going to have another boy. We would also have been OK with having another girl. After all, we had our First Offspring, so it didn’t seem to matter if there were any more. But I wonder why I was so set on having at least one boy. We have such hangups about whether the babies are boys or girls, despite the fact that this tells you very little about the child who will grow from that baby, or how you are going to relate to him or her. For this reason, I’m unconvinced that it’s a good idea to allow sex selection other than for reasons to ensure a healthy foetus. Otherwise, we’re insisting on a certain kind of baby based on what we expect that baby to be like.

* * * * *

I love hearing a good news story, especially when it comes to suicide prevention in remote and regional Australia. This woman turned the statistics on their head by encouraging people to talk when they needed someone to listen, and also by encouraging community members to look out for each other. As a result, the community went from having the worst suicide rate in the world, to having had no deaths by suicide in the last two years.

* * * * *

I agree with this post about the Ashley Madison hack, which argues that we can’t be up in arms about our privacy when the government wants to retain our data, and then rejoice when people who have broken promises to their spouses, are exposed for it. Either way, it’s a breach of privacy, and more importantly, it’s none of our business. We’d be better highlighting the risks of such a security breach, and demanding that both companies and governments ensure that our private lives remain private. What we choose to do with them, should be up to us.

* * * * *

I know that I couldn’t do what these women (and men) do, training for such physical fitness, and I admire their strength of body and character to do so. It’s a shame that others feel the need to ridicule the women who made it through the course, but it’s great to see the US Army responding with the facts. Good luck to them.


2 thoughts on “The Week Links: in which our blogger attends two birthday parties in one weekend.

  1. On the one hand, there’s something very satisfying about seeing “family values activists” exposed for their hypocrisy. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want my bad choices on display for the whole world to see.

    • Yeah, there is certainly an element of Schadenfreude which is hard to suppress. But–not to sound too much like those particular people–I just think of the children. Already they’re in the spotlight because of their family name, and now… ugh, it’s really sad.

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