The Week Links: in which our blogger takes the weekend off and has a good time.

Of course, my idea of ‘a good time’ is getting to hang out with a friend on Skype, finish all the washing up (even the pots and pans), play scrabble with the Handsome Sidekick., and eat dark chocolate and drink tea with my parents. So, as they say on the internet, ymmv.

Also, after what seems like WEEKS (literally only a few weeks, though), winter abated this weekend, and we had some very spring-y weather. It lifted my spirits considerably!

I’m hesitant to say I can empathise with the writer of the original article to which this post is a response, but only in the sense that I understand the sentiment. It is possible to look at a disaster and want to see the best outcomes from it–to see the silver lining, so to speak. But ignoring the reasons for the disaster and the terrible ramifications is not only illogical, it’s also offensive. I thought Reed’s response was very measured.

* * * * *

Choire Sicha’s discussion of the worst of the internet has a certain ring of truth to it, and I’ll admit that the outrage machine which fuels the internet does, on a regular basis, do my head in. But I also think that the internet has a real capacity to share longform opinions… if only we can possibly drag ourselves away from the clickbait. The way to do this, of course, is to resist the tabloids and share, write and focus on intelligent debate, real reporting, well-researched journalism and opinion. We’ve only ourselves to blame if we continue to add to the cesspool.

* * * * *

And just to prove that the internet is not all bad (or at least, that people aren’t), I’ll share a few examples of when humans have spontaneously joined together to help someone in need. And of course, one can always throw in the line, ‘oh, but there are so many other times when they didn’t’. Yes, there are. Stop talking about them. Just appreciate that sometimes we don’t suck. 

Yes, you’re right: I usually do four links, but you know, it’s my weekend off…


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