The Week Links: in which our blogger’s Offspring returns from a sleepover.

First Offspring went for a sleepover last night. I dropped him off in the afternoon and went to get him this morning. He was fine about it, not homesick as far as I can tell, but his siblings were quite lost without him! It was very sweet how they all crowded around when I brought him home, telling him that they missed him. Aww!

Today promised to be sunny but I think it’s going to go back on that. So I’ll go ahead and do some cleaning instead of some gardening (what a terrible trade-off THAT is) while you go ahead and enjoy this week’s links!

This article just shows how hard change can be, and that even when you think you could be doing the right thing (and even when you probably are) there are still going to be ramifications you might not have considered. I’m sorry that there has been so much resistance and backlash from an act in which more companies should engage. Perhaps this is the beginning of a real movement away from some of the paltry wages US workers are receiving?

* * * * *

Last week I wrote about the incredible amounts of money in US politics, this week, our news feeds have been about the potentially fraudulent expenses claims of our parliament’s Speaker, Bronwyn Bishop. I’m not the biggest fan of Bishop, I’ll admit, given that I think her bias towards her own party affects her impartiality, but this is a step in another direction–one where a real apology doesn’t seem forthcoming. Maybe the media is playing this a certain way to colour our view (of course it is), but I can’t see Bishop remaining in her position for very much longer. UPDATE: She tendered her resignation a few hours after I wrote this.

* * * * *

The drought in California is an inconvenience for most, but spare a thought for those people for whom it means they are completely out of water. As a child, there were only a few occasions I remember where my dad had to cart water in the truck for us to drink (for the livestock, he needed to cart it far more often, but there were a lot more of them than there were of us!) and growing up, the scarcity of water was always at the forefront of everything we did. Not being able to shower or flush the toilet is not just an inconvenience, however, and it’s disturbing and concerning that the drought has become so severe, and the restrictions too late for these people.

* * * * *

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about Adam Goodes, 2014 Australian of the Year, and how he had worked so hard to campaign against racism, especially in light of some of the racist abuse which had been directed towards him while he was playing Australian Rules Football. Unfortunately, such abuse has become worse, not better, in recent weeks, to the point that Goodes is considering whether he can continue playing the game. I’m so saddened by this. I don’t know him as a person, but what I’ve heard and read about him leads me to think that he is a kind, decent, compassionate human being. What’s more tragic is how it highlights, once again, the issue of racism in our country, and how so many people are still reluctant to admit that it is a problem–one that they have a hand in making worse, or helping to overcome.


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