The Week Links: in which our blogger bakes a lot of bread.

Fruit bread and English muffin bread, to be precise. The English muffin bread is a new recipe. I’m interested to see how it turns out, but it’s rising right now, so I thought I’d just jump online and post the links while I wait for it to be ready for the oven. It’s a deliciously gloomy day here on the south coast, and the chooks are in their portable pen, I’ve planted lettuce seeds with our Offspring, and the Handsome Sidekick has fixed the gate which was damaged in yesterday’s strong winds. All in all, a productive day! Enjoy your Sunday, and the links…

I’m not sure about you, but sometimes when I hear politicians talk, I wonder: “Do they really mean that? They can’t possibly believe that. Surely they’re just saying this kind of thing for the benefit of a lobby group, or a company which funds their campaigns?” Or sometimes, it seems, they’re doing it for kicks (or for art), just to see how far they can go.

* * * * *

My time at university was behind me by the time I had children, but I do remember the odd occasion where fellow students needed to bring their children to class with them: the choice was either bring the children, or miss the class. Even as a young, childfree twenty-something, I admired the extra work that was required, not only to bring all the activities and snacks to keep a child occupied for the hour, but also how they’d have to divide their attention between the lecturer and their offspring. I found this picture and the story behind it very sweet.

* * * * *

As the climate conference in Paris approaches, there seem to be more conversations about climate change issues (or perhaps I’m just more aware of them) and I delighted in the breaking of this world record. However, as the volunteers suggest, it would be great to see it broken over and over.

* * * * *

While I welcome the recent discussions about violence in general, and domestic violence against women in particular, it’s true that most of the articles and talks about it are by women. That’s obviously very important – we want women’s voices to be heard on this topic, especially when so many women have been afraid to speak up. But I enjoyed reading this article, because it’s from a man’s point of view, and it’s a man who has made the choice to take responsibility for his emotional and mental health, and therefore that of those closest to him. I believe it’s not only good for women to see that men can make the choice to change, but also for men to see that it is possible.


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