The Week Links: in which our blogger is REALLY REALLY COLD.

Brrr! We’re having some lovely sunny days right now, but the flipside of that is that the nights are very chilly. And so are the mornings!

I missed last week’s links, for which I’m very sorry — we had to put one of our cats down on Saturday, and it was upsetting for everyone. There were also a lot of discussions about death, which was rather exhausting. So I took the time to hang out with the Handsome Sidekick and our Offspring.

Now I’m dragging my feet posting these links, because once I’m done, I’ll no longer have the excuse to stay in the loungeroom with the heater…

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Know It All.

Recently I mentioned to some friends that I had so much yoghurt, I was considering making labneh. (I didn’t, partly due to the lack of required olive oil, and partly because I didn’t think anyone in the family would eat it apart from me). One of my friends said she’d felt ignorant, when she didn’t know what labneh was, but then thought, ‘…of course you can’t know everything!’

And yet!

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His and Hers.

This post is late for a number of reasons. First and foremost, though: my laptop began to die on Friday. Of course, it’s 6 weeks out of warranty, which is annoying, but not unexpected. The fan had become so noisy that I couldn’t even work. But it’s a common problem with this kind of laptop, apparently, and the Handsome Sidekick was able to do some internet sleuthing and find a solution. Hooray! Only a couple of days later, I’m able to sit down and work again, albeit to the heady fumes of WD40 (never fear, I’m in a well-ventilated area).

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The Week Links: in which our blogger bakes a lot of bread.

Fruit bread and English muffin bread, to be precise. The English muffin bread is a new recipe. I’m interested to see how it turns out, but it’s rising right now, so I thought I’d just jump online and post the links while I wait for it to be ready for the oven. It’s a deliciously gloomy day here on the south coast, and the chooks are in their portable pen, I’ve planted lettuce seeds with our Offspring, and the Handsome Sidekick has fixed the gate which was damaged in yesterday’s strong winds. All in all, a productive day! Enjoy your Sunday, and the links…

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Staying Power.

I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t feel like writing the blog post today. The week seems to have raced by and I’m surprised it’s suddenly Friday again, and when I was considering this last night, I thought, I’m tired. I don’t really feel like writing the blog tomorrow. Perhaps I should just give it up. My followers have plateaued. I don’t even bother really promoting it much anymore. And I have so many other projects I could be working on, which might conceivably earn me money. Not to mention that I need to clean the house, think about what we’re having for tea tomorrow, and hang out some washing.

But even while thinking that, I knew I would write it. Part of the reason is because the Handsome Sidekick would ask me if I’d written it, and I’m a really bad liar, so I’d have to hang my head in shame and admit I hadn’t. And part of the reason is because I don’t really have a good excuse to not do it.

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The Week Links: in which our blogger sleeps in, and eats Gummibears.

It’s been a busy weekend, with soccer for First Offspring yesterday as well as visiting some friends on their farm in the afternoon. Today has so far been about sleeping in, eating chocolate chip biscuits and Haribo Goldbears, and drinking tea. My Offspring came in to cuddle me before I got out of bed and they had all made me a card for Mother’s Day (we don’t really do presents in our family for these kinds of celebrations). Now they’re watching a movie, and shortly, I plan to head out for a run with the dog. As far as weekends go, I’m chalking this one up as successful! Hope yours is too. Enjoy the links!

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Not All Mothers.

It’s Mother’s Day this week, which means that for the past month, we’ve been getting flyers and advertising material in our letterbox, as well as shopfront displays, telling us that we need to spoil out mothers, and showing us just what we need to buy for them, to do the spoiling.

I have mixed feelings about Mother’s Day. Of course, presents are lovely, and I’m all for encouraging my children to consider all the many tasks their mother does for them. Mother’s Day could be one means of not taking that parent for granted.

What amuses me most about the ads is just what mothers are supposed to want. I know, most of this is for the sake of the businesses who are selling the goods and services. It’s an sales opportunity. But all the same, if you look through any of the catalogues, it’s clear what we would like:

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The Week Link: in which our blogger talks to friends on the internet.

Finally, I decided to give up on my alliterative titles for the links. Rather than a disappointment for you, I’m sure it will come as a relief!

Yesterday I caught up with some friends in Germany via Skype. It struck me just how great it can be to get in touch with people you’ve known for a long time. We’ve emailed and written over the last twenty years or so, and it’s very cool to think about where we’ve come from, since meeting in our late teens, to now, when we’re sitting their with babies on our laps, talking about work and life in general. It also confirmed how much I really need to practise my German!

This morning, though, I’ll be baking some biscuits (cookies) and trying to get some washing dry before the apparent thunderstorm which will arrive this afternoon. Right now it’s blue skies and sunshine, so I’m not sure what to expect.

Enjoy this week’s links!

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While You Weren’t Looking.

I’ll admit that I’ve only been half-following the riots in Baltimore¬†this past week, in part because life has been busy, but also because it is very easy, as with shootings in the US, to sigh and wonder when things will ever change.

Of course, change does come, albeit slowly, and the fact that police officers have now been charged with Freddie Gray’s murder is a huge step in this direction. I suppose we will see what happens in court, and whether they will be held accountable for their actions. And I suppose, it’s only a matter of time before the entrenched attitudes begin to shift.

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