A Serial Stride.

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Original idea: Claire from The Grass Is Dancing. 

And here are the links!

Given the struggle for funding in many sectors, it’s no wonder individuals and groups turn to crowdsourcing to help shore up financial support. The Handsome Sidekick and I have supported games and books in this way, and I really believe that it’s a way of helping artists make a living from their work. Of course, the downside of crowdfunding is that you’re beholden to the crowd. What happens, then, when scientists crowdfund their research? Who decides what’s ethical and what’s not, and can ‘serious science’ compete with the more quirky or offbeat ideas?

* * * * *

There’s really not much to say about this, other than: REALLY? A child is not allowed to read on the bus because she might injure herself with the book corner? Occupational health and safety are one thing, but this seems to be a failure of common sense.

* * * * *

It’s a long read, but this is a great article in Aeon which discusses the way butchery is linked to the way we humans have evolved. In particular, I thought the point about the industrialisation of our food industry is linked to porn and gore in films was particularly interesting.

* * * * *

Here’s a conundrum: Yesterday was ANZAC Day, which I mentioned last week. Because it’s the 100th anniversary, it’s been a bit of a big deal. So when a television reporter made some comments on Twitter about the ways in which civilians suffered during the way, and claims that soldiers were responsible for assault and theft, it raised some heckles and some eyebrows. Is it right to bring up such topics for discussion on a day which is essentially a memorial for those who fought? Or is this a conversation we should be having at some other time — and if so, when? ‘ANZAC’ has become so shrouded in myth and glory that any criticism of it seems tantamount to treason. The reporter has since been fired, which also bothers me. While perhaps tasteless and undesirable, nothing he said was untrue. 100 years after this conflict, we should all be able to accept that both sides of the war were responsible for misdeeds, and that civilians are always the first victims, wherever the battle.


4 thoughts on “A Serial Stride.

  1. Woohoo thank you for joining my game! You sound lovely – and I understand completely what you mean about finding community somewhere you want to be, I went through just the same thing when I moved to Sweden.

    • Aw, thanks ♥ It’s true that to be part of a community, you have to want to be there. Although I didn’t feel ostracised by the place where we lived last, it wasn’t ‘me’, so I could never really belong.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed hearing my voice… I always find it weird, sitting there talking to the screen. I don’t think I would suit a career in radio! Aeon is wonderful, isn’t it? So many interesting essays.

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