An Easter Exploration.

I’m cheating a little, by using ‘Easter’ in my title, so that I can use another ‘E’ word. In fact, this post has nothing to do with Easter, other than it’s on Easter Sunday. So far I’m limiting everyone’s chocolate but they’ve probably already had more this morning than they usually have in a week, and combined with too little sleep, we’re up for an interesting day. By interesting, I mean a few meltdowns and tantrums. I also (somewhat unwisely?) chose this weekend to begin toilet training in earnest with Fourth Offspring. What was I thinking?!

I see many mugs of tea in my future.

Have a contented Sunday, everyone!

This story really is heartbreaking. I was just listening to to the news recently and there was so much bad news, and I changed radio stations, because it was too hard to hear it. But this. I just wanted to wrap this child in my arms. I know that many news stations don’t bother with foreign correspondents nowadays, and there was also some recent criticism over journalists travelling to dangerous areas, but perhaps pictures like this are reminders of what is really happening there, and who is affected.

* * * * *

I remember reading a book by Don Watson, called American Journeys, where he recounts his trip through the US, mostly via train, and the people he met and their stories, attitudes and expectations about their country and the world. I remember thinking about the idea of the American dream, and how that idea seemed to be at odds with many of the daily experiences of everyday American people. This link about income inequality doesn’t go to the original article (but includes a link to it within the post, so you can still read that too), however, I really liked the analysis.

* * * * *

Once again, the Australian government demonstrates just how we’re a shining example of hope, refuge and kindness for those seeking asylum, knowing that we are part of a global solution to help all humans to live to their full potential. Oh, that’s right. No it doesn’t. 

* * * * *

I did have another link about the greyhound racing industry and the deplorable ways in which some of the dogs are treated, but what I’ve just written basically tells you all you need to know about that. Instead, why not end on a high note: with a hint from Tesla’s Elon Musk that they are working on a battery for home use — that’s right, we may soon be able to sail — or at least stumble over — one of the major hurdles of the success of renewable power. Watch this space.


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