A Serial Stride.

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Original idea: Claire from The Grass Is Dancing. 

And here are the links!

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To Your Good Health.

I’ve written before about the wonderful ways in which the internet allows us to access information we would otherwise not necessarily been able to see, and that is one of the amazing and brilliant aspects of it. Unfortunately, it also gives a mouthpiece to those who would otherwise have had a much smaller audience. This is as true for crackpot theorists as it is for advocates of terrorism, and in every case, there is a balance between free speech and censorship.

This week, self-professed cancer survivor, Belle Gibson, admitted that she had lied.

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A Commonplace Cruise.

Rejoice, for I have slept through the night! Recently, a combination of our Offspring and my hacking cough have been waking me throughout the nights, and I’m definitely over it. But last night, I got almost six hours’ solid sleep. As a result, I felt like Superwoman and went out to pull weeds and plant seedlings this morning, and now, I’m about to bake a cake. Hooray, sleep!

I hope you all have an enjoyable Sunday, and that you get enough sleep.

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Quiet, Please.

Years ago, when I was taking a unit on Environmental Education for my teaching degree, one of my professors was discussing how wisdom is perceived, depending on the culture. He had spent a good amount of time in Papua New Guinea, and talked about the fact that silence was a measure of wisdom and knowledge there. When people were quiet, this was an indication of intelligence. Silence is also a significant part of their culture and tradition.

This has stayed with me, through those years, not least because I am not really one to stay silent! I talk… quite a lot. But that’s had to change a bit over the last couple of days, because I’ve lost my voice.

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An Intermittent Itinerary.

It’s been raining here on the south coast for the past few days. I love the rain and my Offspring have been jumping in puddles and getting wonderfully grubby. The downside is the house just will not stay clean. Currently, the Handsome Sidekick is vacuuming, after having changed the washers on two taps. Now that I’m done with the links, I can turn the water back on again and clean the bath while my Offspring tidy their rooms. I guess at least at the end of the day, we’ll have a clean and tidy house to enjoy. For a few hours.

Well, I’ll go and clean, while you enjoy the links…

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Be Fruitful, But Keep an Eye on Your Fruit.

I love fruit.

When we run out of fruit, even if we have an abundance of other food – delicious food, like homemade muffins or cake, or even chocolate – I feel like our diet has been somehow tremendously impoverished. And I’ve always loved fruit. Well, I guess I’ve always loved fruit. I’ve always eaten it. That’s because when I was growing up, the answer to “I’m hunnngry” would always be, “Have a piece of fruit.” There was a large basket which sat on the floor in the kitchen and it would be always full of fruit.

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An Easter Exploration.

I’m cheating a little, by using ‘Easter’ in my title, so that I can use another ‘E’ word. In fact, this post has nothing to do with Easter, other than it’s on Easter Sunday. So far I’m limiting everyone’s chocolate but they’ve probably already had more this morning than they usually have in a week, and combined with too little sleep, we’re up for an interesting day. By interesting, I mean a few meltdowns and tantrums. I also (somewhat unwisely?) chose this weekend to begin toilet training in earnest with Fourth Offspring. What was I thinking?!

I see many mugs of tea in my future.

Have a contented Sunday, everyone!

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Some weeks ago, I went to a couple of events at the Great Southern Writers’ Festival, where I listened to various authors talk about their craft, their stories and their experiences. It was a real insight into the different ways in which writers work, and with which aspects they struggle, and which they enjoy. It was also quite inspiring, being in such close proximity to Real Life Published Authors, but at one point, when listening to the panel discuss their books, I had an epiphany.

Well, it wasn’t really an epiphany. More of a thought, really:

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