This Week’s Wander.

It occurred to me this morning that I completely failed to take any notice of Friday the 13th or Valentine’s Day. Ho hum. Neither is really a big deal for us, I suppose – and although the shops and restaurants would have you believe differently, Valentine’s Day is not that important a date for most people. Still, if you celebrate either, I hope they were good to you!

It’s a cool, overcast day here on the south coast. I may mow the lawn and bake biscuits. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

Since it was the Day of Enforced Romance yesterday (I swear, that sounds a lot more cynical than I really am), I found this article timely and interesting. As much as I think there is pressure to find that special someone and settle down in most cultures, in some it’s more prevalent than others, and the author here clearly feels that having the choice of a career, instead of marrying being the only option, is a valuable development in her country. However, that certainly doesn’t make life less complicated.

* * * * *

It’s been hot here lately. I know, it’s summer, but I’m talking HOT and bear in mind that we live in the south (coolest) part of the country, with relatively mild summers which are renowned for their rainyness. We’ve had about a quarter of our average rainfall for this time of year, so you can imagine that it’s quite dry around here. That’s nothing compared to the droughts they’ve been having in other parts of the world, and if climate change continues on this course, the worst is yet to come. What can you say about this, really? We have the facts, but so far, so little action has been taken. I guess all I can hope for is that Paris will result in something huge.

* * * * *

There’s little argument that drug addiction is a problem for millions, and drug traffickers are a link in the chain which keeps the supply going. So it’s fair to say that traffickers, through their actions, contribute to the problem of drug addition. What should be the punishment for those caught trafficking drugs, though? Currently there are two Australians in Indonesia, who have been sentenced to death for drug trafficking. I can’t agree with what they did – I think they did it to get rich, and they involved other people in their scheme, without consideration for what might happen to those drug ‘mules’ or to the people who are addicted to the drug. But I don’t agree that the death penalty is the right answer. However, as Phillip Ruddock, (former Minister for Immigration and Attorney-General) pointed out, we should be more vocal about the death penalty wherever it happens, not just when it’s concerning our own citizens.

* * * * *

I don’t think this is a particularly good post, but I’m linking to it, because I think it illustrates what I like least about the internet: people just being mean. In this interview, Rock Paper Shotgun journalist John Walker interviews game developer Peter Molyneux about the problems in releasing his latest game. However, it is less the content of the interview, and rather the tone and the way Walker appears to attack Molyneux which is the focus of the comments beneath. Some respondents are in favour, some are not – I’m one of the latter, because it appears that the article is less about getting real answers to the issues and more about getting site hits . If that was their goal, then no doubt they’ve succeeded. Shame, really.


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