You Can Have It All.

Earlier this week, in between bringing my Offspring home from school and rushing out the door to go grocery shopping, I looked in despair at the washing up. I’d done some that morning before going out, but there was still a frying pan from the night before, and I’d not yet unloaded the dishwasher, so the breakfast dishes sat on the drainboard, too. Everything looked cluttered and messy. I sighed. Some days, the kitchen looks amazingly clean. When the Offspring are napping or away at school, I’ll spend an hour or so cleaning the benchtops, clearing off the dumping ground which is the sideboard, drying dishes and putting everything in its place.

That day was not one of those days.

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Sashay on Sunday.

It rained! Yippee! I hope this is a trend which continues for a while. I’m going to bake fruit bread and chocolate chunk cookies this morning in anticipation of friends coming over this afternoon. I also have birthday cake to finish off. (It’s really good).

Quite a varied list of links this morning. Hope you enjoy!

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A Class Act.

Discussions about class and writing come up from time to time, and evidently, now is one of those times. I’ve a passing interest in them, in the same way that I always have a passing interest in people talking about writing for a living, and what does and doesn’t impact upon it.

When it comes to class, though, I struggle a little. Poverty lines are arbitrary and don’t take into account all sorts of ways in which one can be rich or poor, but let’s just say that if we’re basing class on income, then my family and I are definitely not middle class.

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This Week’s Wander.

It occurred to me this morning that I completely failed to take any notice of Friday the 13th or Valentine’s Day. Ho hum. Neither is really a big deal for us, I suppose – and although the shops and restaurants would have you believe differently, Valentine’s Day is not that important a date for most people. Still, if you celebrate either, I hope they were good to you!

It’s a cool, overcast day here on the south coast. I may mow the lawn and bake biscuits. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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Integrated Pest Management.

It will surprise few of you that I am right into organic gardening. I care deeply about my family’s and my own impact on the environment, and part of that is trying to use as little intervention as possible when growing the food we’ll eat. Not just for our own benefit, obviously, but also for the soil, the insects and the other animals which call our garden home.

To this end, I practise a method called ‘integrated pest management.‘ You can read all about it on the link, which is quite long-winded, but the basics are: you accept that there will be some loss of crop due to pest and disease, but you hope that on balance, you’ll reap more than you lose. In other words, nature will pretty much sort it out (read: I am a lazy gardener).

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Plodding Along for Posterity.

Oh, Sunday. Where did the week go? It seems like all I’ve been doing is dropping children at various schools and daycare – which has had its advantages, don’t get me wrong. I had grand plans of completing a good chunk of my novel this week. Instead, I discovered head lice on Fourth Offspring and have been combing them out of everyone’s hair ever since. Joy.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day, and my plans include going for a run and baking chocolate chip biscuits. Happy day!

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This is a Test.

School started again this week – not that you would have known that because I’ve not mentioned AT ALL over the past month or so – and First and Second Offspring went back to school, while Third Offspring is easing into her first weeks at kindergarten. She seems to have taken it all in her stride, while First and Second Offspring are happy to be back with their friends and rediscovering their routine.

And I’m enjoying that too, because the walk to school and back with them everyday is a great time to talk and listen to their stories, and find out about how they’re going. On our second day, I asked First Offspring whether he was concentrating in class so far. “Sometimes,” was the rather non-committal answer. I asked this because last year’s report indicated that while he appears capable of understanding the work, he is not so interested about putting the effort in to do it. This was absolutely no surprise to the Handsome Sidekick and me. We think First Offspring is smart enough. He just likes to chat to his friends. A lot.

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The Time-Honoured Traipse.

Ah, last day of summer holidays. It’s possible I’ll miss them when they’re not here everyday, I suppose.



We’re spending the day at home putting labels on books and ensuring that the school uniforms in their drawers are actually clean. I might even manage to get them to school on time tomorrow (but I also might not).

Good Sunday to all of you, and here are some links!

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