I am just going outside. I may be some time…

People of the Internet! Inexplicably, we have lost internet. AND the phone. Thank goodness for mobile phones. But I am not sure whether I’ll be back on Friday as planned.

The good news is, I’m having a great time in the garden and I’m far less distracted and perhaps I’ll get some good writing done. Haha!

Hope you all have a wonderful new year celebration, and I will hopefully be back within a week or two.

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The Final Foray (but only until next year!)

‘Twas the Sunday before Christmas

and all through the house

the children were running

because they’re on summer holidays and so full of excitement about Christmas and summer and no school, and it’s only the fourth day I’ve had them all home and I’m already counting down the days until they return to school. Not really (but kind of really).

This will be the last path: ethic for the year, too – I’m taking the last week of the year off to focus on baking Christmas goodies for my annoying adorable Offspring, and spending days outside in the park and enjoying the sunshine, so I hope you all will have some time over the next few days to relax and reflect on the last 12 months, and hopefully you will join me in the 2015 for more discussions and conversations. I’ve so enjoyed our interactions this year. Thanks for your continued support ♥

Until then, enjoy this Sunday’s links!

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The Best Time.

There’s a joke in gardening circles about a novice gardener asking a more experienced one: “When is the best time to plant a tree?”

“Twenty years ago,” the old gardener replies. “Because by now you’d have an established plant whose shade and fruit you could enjoy everyday.”

Now obviously, this is not the information the novice gardener was looking for, but the experienced gardener continues: “But the second best time to plant a tree is today.”

Don’t lament the lost time. There were other opportunities, and you’ve missed them, but now there is a new opportunity. Take it.

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Ghost Story.

A few days ago, I read this article. It caught my eye because I’m always interested in hearing about new writers, and I’d never heard of this one. It turns out that the author, Zoe Sugg, is a popular YouTube vlogger, with several million followers. She recently released her first novel, Girl Online, with unprecedented success, and the picture in the article shows her pictured with her book, visibly delighted at achieving her dream of publishing a novel.

And then it all began to fall apart.

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The Prevailing Parade.

Speaking of which, our town had its Christmas Pageant last night, and it was delightful. Second Offspring was in the parade and loved it. As we got into the car to drive home, it was just starting to get dark, and the windmills on the hills in the west were silhouetted against the bright sunset. So great.

I hope your Sunday is shaping up to be a good one. I’m looking forward to a run with the dog and doing some baking to use up the three dozen eggs we seem to have accumulated…

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Did I get your attention?

Geez, it’s hard to get people’s attention these days. My Twitter feed likes to tell me what’s ‘trending’ whenever I drop in there. At the time of writing, the trends were:

More recent trends have been about the protests around the death of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes, the way in which children’s clothing and toys are gendered, and the incarceration and possible pardon of Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste. About any one of these issues, and many more, there is a long list of tweets, opinions, links to articles, satirical remarks, cartoons. There are calls to change our attitudes, to discuss the problem, to make sure this doesn’t happen again, to push for our politicians to do something. We are inspired to bring attention to these events or problems. They are important, after all.

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