The Recurring Rove.

Sunday again, and wow, the last day of November. Christmas will be upon us before we know it. Thank goodness I found the advent calendars yesterday. I confess I didn’t win NaNoWriMo this year but I was still busy writing, so in that sense, it’s a win. The other win is some amazing gardening weather, so I’m heading out shortly to pick up some raspberry canes from an acquaintance. I’m so excited about growing my own raspberries!

Of course, the following links have nothing to do with raspberries, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

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Just a Game.

I went to see what First Offspring was doing the other day, and found he was playing a game on the computer. It’s called ‘Thomas Was Alone’, and the characters in it are different shaped coloured blocks. I’d heard of the game, but not played it, and I asked First Offspring about it.

‘Is it a good game?’ I asked him.

He nodded.

‘Do you feel sorry for that one—’ I pointed at a block on the screen—’when it can’t get to where it wants to go?’

‘Yeah,’ he said, ‘so this one helps the other one. This one is better at jumping than that one.’

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The Serendipitous Saunter.

Good Sunday to you all! It’s been a busy week here on the south coast and looks to get even busier in the lead-up to Christmas. End-of-year parties, the Christmas pageant, daycare graduation (I kid you not)… I keep emailing myself reminders because I’m sure I’ll forget something or another.

So, I’m very ready for an early night tonight and looking forward to First and Second Offspring being back at school tomorrow, and then I can cull their toys. But I need to get through the day first, so I’ll go and do that, and leave you with some links to read.

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Check Your Privilege.

The internet.

I love the convenience, I love that I am able to view amazing images of the Philae lander, for example, or read really inspiring work, or listen to people making music in their loungerooms. These are things I might otherwise never have seen, or if I had, only when the television showed them to me. The internet is truly wonderful.

But sometimes, I need a break from it, because in among all that wonderful knowledge, there is a whole lot of annoying stupidity.

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The Cyclic Constitutional.

It’s a bit overcast here on the south coast today, and something I ingested yesterday (not sure if it was food or germs) has me feeling a little off today, so the combination of the weather and being under the weather is a good excuse to take things easy. I’m having afternoon tea with my mum and Second Offspring at a cafe later, which should be fun.

Hope your weekend has been restful, and that you enjoy this week’s links.

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Goodes Show.

Earlier this week, 2014 Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes, spoke to BBC’s Hardtalk programme*, and spent some time talking about the issue of racism in Australia. Goodes is an Australian Rules footballer who has played for several years and is undeniably an excellent player. However, perhaps the most famous incident of his career came at a football match where he was racially abused by a thirteen year old girl in the crowd. 

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Spaziergang am Sonntag.

I get to cheat and use German for the title this week because it’s the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I remember this happening, but unfortunately I was thirteen and didn’t really have the wherewithal to fully comprehend the significance of it. Ah, youth.

In any case, I should go and see what my suspiciously quiet Offspring are doing, so without further delay, here are this week’s links:

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Creatures of Habit.

Yesterday, I took Molly out for our regular run, but instead of heading west down the hill when we left home, I led her in the opposite direction, which takes us up a slight incline, and then in and out of a few streets before we reach the bottom of a long slope (at which point I remember that I will have to run back up it to get home and think, why did I go this way again?). We were nearly at the bottom of the long slope when Molly began to pull at the lead.

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The Regular Ramble.

What beautiful weather it’s been so far this weekend. Due to the ANZAC commemorations, the Offspring had Friday off school, so I’m completely unprepared for them to be at home today. It feels like a Monday.

And yet, it is not a Monday! It is a Sunday, and so I’m off outside to plant some pumpkin seeds. Enjoy this week’s links!

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