Short Break.


path: ethic is taking a break this week as I just finished the first draft of my novel on Friday and am completely wiped out.

However, all is not lost! Below are some links to some interesting or thought-provoking pieces from other people. I’m intending to have this as a regular feature, so stay tuned for more weekend updates.

This simple picture by Andre Carrilho highlights one of the issues with regards to major outbreaks of illness, or even terrorist attacks. If those with the means to make the massive difference in the fight against any great threat in the world choose not to get involved, what does it say about the importance we place on life? Most of the time, it only becomes real to us when it directly threatens us. Possibly, that’s just part of the human condition, but it’s something we should work harder to overcome. (via @mallonebarry)


As we begin another offensive in the Middle East, it’s Mental Health Week, and the ABC has done a longform piece on PTSD and the struggles for returned servicepeople who find themselves in the midst of such a debilitating illness.


Humans would like to think that one of the qualities which sets us apart from other animals is our ability to rationalise. But what if we’re not really as rational as we think we are? And how does that affect the assumptions on which we base our societies? Steve Poole asks who should get to decide whether we’re being rational or not.


What if you called the emergency phone number and it didn’t work? This piece from Colin Lecher at The Verge investigates the many complaints by mobile phone users in the US who have tried to call 911, only to find that their carrier’s service to the emergency number wasn’t available. Unfortunately, it appears that it wasn’t an isolated incident, and it appears that mobile phone carriers are reluctant to even admit that there is an issue.

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Short Break.

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  2. Seeing the words ‘I just finished the first draft of my novel’ inspires me! I’ve been three-quarters way through a first draft of a novel for well over a year now, and those last few chapters just aren’t happening. Maybe I should dust off the notebooks and get cracking again.
    Happy writing.

    • It’s HARD to get to the end, isn’t it? I began this one when #3 was about 7 months old. She’s now three and a half 🙂 The thing which spurred me on was having a friend with whom I discuss writing every month (it’s great to have someone who makes you accountable, and she does it in a very gentle and helpful way) and also wanting to enter a competition which had a closing date of October 3rd! (Guess when I sent the manuscript…)

      Happy writing to you too – hope you can get the last few chapters done soon!

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