Penny for your Thoughts.

May is budget month for our federal government, and they’re leaking bite-sized summaries of possible policy changes and cuts to funding to get everyone in a frenzy.  And nothing says ‘frenzy’ than cuts to free health care and pensions, right?

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Stupid is as Stupid Does.

I’ve always loved books, so when I had children, of course I planned to read to them.  I had a whole list of titles I’d read as a child and enjoyed, and I looked forward to sharing them with the next generation.  A trip to the local library also revealed that in the many years since I had read young children’s books–or had them read to me–there had been literally thousands of new books written for children.  I (and my children) were spoilt for choice!


However, I soon discovered that just because there were a lot of books for children, that didn’t mean that they were all good.  In fact, I was dismayed at just how many really rubbish children’s books there were.  They were dull, they had no storyline, they didn’t rhyme (when it was apparent that they were supposed to).  They were absolutely, astonishingly, bad literature.

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Necessity and Invention.

Recently, a blogger I follow posted something which was hard to read.  His goddaughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour some months ago, and the latest news is that her condition is terminal.  She’s just a little girl, and her parents and family and friends now have to come to grips with the thought of losing her.  The blogger pointed to a website where people could donate, to try and find a cure for these cancers.

And this made me think of the number of times every year, when money is being raised for this hospital or that illness.  Friends ask me for donations to cure diabetes or leukemia or mental illness, or assist people living with disabilities.  I’m often asked to sponsor others going on walks or runs or bike rides, so they can raise awareness and money to support more research.

I have to say, I’m kind of over it.

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