The Rich Were Right! Poor People Really ARE Stupid!

I have another post to come soon, but I wanted to just jump in quickly with this.  Recently I was ruminating on the concept of poverty and shame–how not being able to afford something had been cause for embarrassment for me, even though I’m generally quite good at budgeting.  In both the post and the comments, the idea of blaming poor people for their predicament came up, so imagine my interest when I read about a study which found that being poor really seems to adversely affect one’s capacity to make good choices, or to think clearly.  The study wanted to establish whether it were the situation which caused the person to make poor decisions, or whether people find themselves in poverty because they make poor decisions.

The result?  Apparently, poor people are just like everyone else.  It seems that those who are in financial dire straights are so overwhelmed by worry about how they are going to survive, that they find it difficult to make sensible, rational decisions.  That is: being poor is hard.  WHO KNEW?

Hopefully, publicising this kind of information can only help in ensuring that those in poverty are afforded the same respect as everyone else.  And perhaps we can also affect change by really addressing the issues surrounding poverty–like corruption, mental and physical health, environmental factors–instead of demonising the poor.


6 thoughts on “The Rich Were Right! Poor People Really ARE Stupid!

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  2. If they’re right have they been able to provoke the poor in poverty to know all the hidden causes and the solution to apply.? Before the Rich were Right! And to say Poor People Really Are Stupid. Let them change, interchange the Role for period enough long.
    The View Always Rhyme With Those Who Have The Means To Exploit Indefinitely. Like In Then Theory Of Comp-lot In Capitalist Propaganda. Imagine If We Were All Rich.?
    The simplest, most natural form of propaganda, telling one’s faith to one’s ….. The fault, then, if all have not enough to eat, lies with the defective social organisation, …. What we know to-day is only a means for acquiring the knowledge of tomorrow. “Those who exploit the actual economic organisation will always seek to be Right , Rich and hold on Affirm To It.

    • It’s definitely unfair that there are so many who have so little to eat, when others have so much 😦 There needs to be change in that area, in particular.

      Thanks for stopping by, and commenting!

  3. Oh, dear, this message is so important! We learned this when living in Haiti. Dire poverty is incredibly hard work–the need to haul water, search for wood to make a fire to cook on–and on, and on. Well said, my friend!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

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